Sunday Sentence:

The best sentence culled from my reading each week, sans commentary.

Inspired by David Abrams at The Quivering Pen, and Catherine Gilmore at The Gilmore Guide to Books.

Revolutionary Road, by Richard Yates

Revolutionary Road

Nowhere in these plans had he forseen the weight and shock of reality; nothing had warned him that he might be overwhelmed by the swaying, shining vision of a girl he hadn’t seen in years, a girl whose every glance and gesture could make his throat fill up with longing (“Wouldn’t you like to be loved by me?”), and that then before his very eyes she would dissolve and change into the graceless, suffering creature whose existence he tried every day of his life to deny but whom he knew as well and as painfully as he knew himself, a gaunt constricted woman whose red eyes flashed reproach, whose false smile in the curtain call was as homely as his own sore feet, his own damp climbing underwear, and his own sour smell.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Sentence:

  1. Wow… that really was all one sentence, wasn’t it? Hard to imagine, and yet, there it is, artfully explaining how one set of perceptions transformed into another.

    One thing, I noticed a typo: gracelsss, missed that e key. Sorry! :)


    • Thank you for the heads up on the typo, and don’t be sorry. Yates may be my new favorite. If you like that sentence, give him a try; long or short, his sentences are some of the best I’ve ever read.         


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