Awards Time!

Stacy Green over at Turning the Page has kindly nominated me for the 7×7 award. Thank you, Stacy. I’m honored. The rules are that the recipient must link back to seven posts in seven categories, and then must pass the award on to seven deserving recipients, so here goes:

Most Beautiful:Faith, Let Go and Know.

Most Helpful: Drafting vs Outlining. I wrote this in response to a member of my workshop who was doubting the writing process. I believe there are as many writing processes as there are writers, and there is no wrong way to write… except the way that produces no writing at all.

Most Popular:A Goodly Deal of Cursing combines humor with Medieval swearing, so no surprise that it was so popular!

Most Controversial: The Pit and the Pendulum. This one riled some folks up. The really angriest comments (those with swearing and threats) never made it to light. It is my blog, after all.

Most Surprisingly Successful: Full Moon Madness Maybe this one shouldn’t have surprised me, but I thought I was just writing a silly little bit of something. People really do love werewolves.

Most Underrated: Going Deeper My post about a moment of inspiration brought on by a quote from Pat Conroy.

Most Prideworthy: This one should probably also be The Pit and the Pendulum. I stuck by my beliefs in that one, and didn’t back down. I feel pretty good about that. But since that post is already filling the Controversial slot: She because I had fun bringing my muse to life and giving her a persona.

I’d like to pass this award on to these seven wonderful recipients:

1) Nina Badzin: Nina’s blog is always upbeat, straight-talking (I find myself nodding my head a lot when reading her posts) and she has some great posts on blogging and Twitter etiquette that are worth checking out.

2) Melissa Crytzer Fry: Melissa is a fellow Arizonian who uses her camera and her considerable writing skills to share her love of the desert.

3) Jolina Petersheim: Jolina will sometimes make you cry, but mostly she’ll make you laugh.

4) Leah Singer: Leah’s beautiful blog is a blend of the good things in life; cooking, family, crafts, and books.

5) Julia Munroe Martin: Wordsxo is all about Maine, and writing, and like my blog, just whatever Julia feels like writing about on any given morning.

6) Erika Marks: the same writing that makes her posts so fun is just what you get to enjoy in her first published novel, Little Gale Gumbo.

7) Natalia Sylvester: Natalia is a freelance author with a sweet writing style and unique view on the world who posts about writing and life, and the writing life.

12 thoughts on “Awards Time!

  1. Congratulations to YOU (and thank you for making it congratulations time for me TOO!). How sweet of you to name me and among my favorite bloggers, too! p.s. I really loved the drafting & outlining post AND the Pit & Pendulum post (and really, controversial? threats and cursing? It was SOOOO good!)


  2. I’m delighted to read some of these past posts that I didn’t get a chance to read. And thank you for introducing me to some new bloggers. I always love the opportunity to expand my blogging horizons. Have a great day!


  3. Ah thanks so much for the award! I read all those other blogs you listed. So as much as I don’t want to sound like an Academy Award winner, I do truly feel honored to be mentioned among that group of amazing writers (you included!).


  4. Good post, Cynthia. I particularly enjoyed the Pat Conroy segment. When people ask me about the novel I’m working on, I often say, it’s along the line of Pat Conroy’s dysfunctional family of angst, such as in Prince of Tides. Your mulling over his suggestion to “go deeper” is the same advice that James Sallis, novel writer who works with struggling novelists on their projects, also dispenses. I heard it from other authors as well. I believe Diane Galbadon has said, Don’t use the first thought that comes to mind.


    • Interesting comment, Deb. That Pat Conroy article was the first time I’d ever heard that advice,and had it sink in. It’s totally changed the way I think about my rewrites. Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting!


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